Ultraviolet Disinfection

For almost a century, it has been known that ultraviolet light of certain wavelengths is an effective bactericidal agent. UV irradiation (UV disinfection) is the most promising method for water disinfection, highly efficient against pathogenic microorganisms without generating harmful byproducts.

UV equipment can easily integrate into typical technological schemes, requiring no significant construction work on existing facilities.

Among the few available options, there are UV disinfection systems (UZUF type) that are serially manufactured in Ukraine and meet the technical specifications of TU U 28.2-35842075-001:2023, making them suitable for operation. UV disinfection systems of the “UZUF” type are used for disinfecting drinking water and also for disinfecting domestic wastewater after completing the full biological treatment cycle.

UV irradiation at the final stage of water treatment ensures reliable disinfection across all parameters, including virus and parasite pathogen elimination.