Monoblock wastewater treatment system BIOTAL MSW

Monoblock units – BIOTAL wastewater treatment


The monoblock units of the BIOTAL-MCW type are designed for deep treatment of domestic wastewater with a volume ranging from 2 to 12 m3 per day. They feature a special reactor made of polypropylene, which is located in a round reinforced concrete well. One of the key features of these units is the ability to pump excess sludge into a separate well, where it undergoes stabilization and compression. This enables effective wastewater treatment and optimal sludge management, ensuring the efficient operation of the treatment system.

Options are possible

MSWBase installation made of polypropylene with a dewatering block
MSW-RBase installation with a recuperator box
MSW-RBBase installation with a recuperator box and a biological filter
MSW-BBase installation with a biological filter
MSW-BUBase installation with a biological filter and UV disinfection unit
MSW-RBUBase installation with a recuperator box, biological filter, and UV disinfection unit