Monoblock wastewater treatment system BIOTAL ERD

Monoblock units – BIOTAL wastewater treatment


The high-strength monoblock units, BIOTAL, offer high productivity ranging from 1.5 to 12 m³ per day. They are designed for underground installation in dry soils, where the groundwater level does not exceed the bottom of the unit. The unit’s housing is robust and capable of withstanding underground installation without the need for reinforced concrete wells, thanks to its stiffening ribs. The unit is installed on a concrete foundation with layered backfill of sand and cement. A notable feature of these units is the dewatering block, which effectively consolidates and removes excess sludge.

Options are possible

ERDBase installation made of polypropylene with a dewatering block
ERD-RBase installation with a recuperator box
ERD-RBBase installation with a recuperator box and a biological filter
ERD-BBase installation with a biological filter
ERD-BUBase installation with a biological filter and UV disinfection unit
ERD-RBUBase installation with a recuperator box, biological filter, and UV disinfection unit