Comprehensive Gas Station (Fuel Station) Cleaning

Unique comprehensive purification of industrial, rain, and wastewater at fueling stations is an innovative solution for effective and environmentally friendly management of water waste at these facilities.

Methods for treating wastewater contaminated with petroleum products and other pollutants

Various methods are used in the process of treating wastewater at fueling stations to remove petroleum products and contaminants. It is essential to avoid reducing the designed flow rate of wastewater and to provide for the retention of coarse impurities before the installation of treatment facilities. Filtration, flotation separators, or activated carbon can be utilized for the removal of petroleum products. The application of advanced technologies will help ensure efficient and reliable wastewater treatment, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Wastewater treatment facilities at fueling stations encounter uneven wastewater inflow. To prevent flooding of the BIOTAL system during high wastewater discharges, it is necessary to install a pump in a special well before the system. This pump is connected to the control system of the BIOTAL unit. When the wastewater level in the BIOTAL unit reaches its maximum capacity, the pump automatically shuts off to prevent flooding. During this time, wastewater accumulates in the well and is subsequently pumped into the BIOTAL unit after the pump automatically restarts.

Environmental regulations often prohibit discharging treated wastewater from fueling stations into drainage systems, sewers, or rivers. Therefore, treated wastewater is collected in a dedicated well and later transported to a sewage treatment station. To prevent the backflow of treated wastewater from the well to the treatment unit, a signaling system must be installed, which activates when the water level in the well reaches its maximum level.

The diagram provides an example of the arrangement of treatment facilities for a fueling station with the “BIOTAL-3-MPD-RBU” system installed.