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LLC “Ukrbiotal-montazh” is a team of professionals engaged in the construction, installation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems using BIOTAL technology.

To provide comprehensive solutions for sewage system installation “turnkey” – from designing treatment facilities to their commissioning and service maintenance of BIOTAL installations, official representations were established in Zhytomyr in 2002 under the leadership of Sergiy Ivanovych Teterja. These include LLC “Ukrbiotal-proekt,” LLC “Ukrbiotal-montazh,” and LLC “Ukrbiotal-servis.”

Over the course of 17 years, the companies have earned a reputation as reliable business partners and have gained the trust of their clients.

We have designed, installed, and successfully operated over 1200 BIOTAL facilities in 18 countries, including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, UAE, and others.

Our certified experts will professionally undertake the architectural design of projects in accordance with the fundamental requirements of reliability and safety. They will also provide author supervision during the construction process to ensure the proper implementation of design solutions into reality.

BIOTAL wastewater treatment systems have been awarded the “Highest Quality” mark. They have received a gold medal in the “Environmental Protection/Ecology” category and have been declared the winner of the All-Ukrainian Product Quality Competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine – 2009,” where BIOTAL wastewater treatment systems were recognized as the best product in Ukraine.



  • effective Removal of Coarse Impurities: BIOTAL incorporates a large-volume stainless steel screen with a fixed cover and two-sided aeration, enabling efficient retention of coarse impurities during inflow;
  • 7-Step Treatment Process: BIOTAL utilizes a 7-stage treatment process with multi-loop direct and reverse recirculation of sludge between reactors, ensuring wastewater treatment efficiency of up to 99%;
  • energy-Saving Power Regulation: The system features a 7-program automatic power regulation capability, allowing for energy savings of up to 70%;
  • automatic Removal, Stabilization, and Dewatering of Excess Activated Sludge: BIOTAL facilitates automatic removal, stabilization, and dewatering of excess activated sludge, streamlining the treatment process;
  • remote Monitoring: BIOTAL installations can be remotely monitored, enabling remote quality control of wastewater treatment performance.


operational installations

With over 7000 operational installations worldwide

60 mil

water have been treated

BIOTAL installations have purified over 60 million cubic meters of water



Over the years of operation, we have received more than 32 awards